Kristaps: "I want to be a top ten slider"

Today in the Lillehammer track, continued 1st Viessmann World Cup Luge. On start came out 32 men.

Latvija was represented with three man's- Mārtiņš Rubenis, Inārs Kivlenieks and Kristaps Mauriņš.

After first run Inārs took 20th place, Kristaps was a little bit slower then Inars 22nd place, but Mārtiņš was the fastest from ours- 7th position.

In second run they shown better results, Kristaps could “climb up” to place 12th, Inārs 18th, but Mārtiņš “fell” one place down- 8th.

After competitions Kristaps said :” If have to coment both runs, then 1st one was not so good, I had many little mistakes and my result at the finish line sowed that. Second run was lot better, not just start, but also tha run, and It helped me to climb higher. But this is just a 1st Cup, everything is still ahead. I am glad that the equipment is in order and this is my top place in WC stages so far. So have to go ahead. I want to be a top ten slider!”

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