Juris Šics

Juris Šics

Birth date - 26.04.1983.

Birth place - Sigulda

Municipality - Siguldas novads

Facebook - juris.sics

Instagram - jurissics

Marital status - Married

Height - 174 cm

In luge sport since - 1994

First coach - Jānis Šics

Motto - Uz priekšu neatskatoties!

Hobbies - Autosport

Profession - Athlete - luge sport

- Who do you thank for getting involved in luge sport?

- Definitely my parents Daiga and Jānis Šici. Without their insistance and support, I doubt I would have gone this far

- Which three characteristics describes you the best?

- Goal oriented, assertive, extrovert personality

- Which of these characteristics are necessary for you at the track?

- All of them

- How did you earn pocket money during your childhood?

- My brother and I sold apples. We got the coins, dad got the paper money

- Your biggest prank during teenage years?

- There has been a lot of them 

- What inspires you?

- After putting in hard and difficult work I see the point of it- success at competitions. This inspires me to continue working and not stop at current success. 

- What makes you angry?

- When I read news about developments in the country and around the world, then a lot of things make me angry!

- Your favorite food and drink?

- I like food in general. When I come home after a season, I always order fried pork and meatball soup!

- Your dream spot in this world?

- Latvia

- Which house chore do you like the least?

- There is none... No, there is after all- folding my clothes and putting them up in the closet

- Which three things would you take with you to an uninhabited island?

- I wouldn't want to be on an uninhabited island! I would be bored

- What do you know about Korea and its traditions?

- That I will have to live off of fish and seafood, which doesn't make me very happy 

- How are you preparing for Pyeongchang? What is your goal?

- We are training according to Janis Liepa training plan, testing the sleds. I usually don't speak about goals before competitions 

Motto: Go forward, without looking back!

Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
Juris Šics
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