Artūrs Dārznieks

Artūrs Dārznieks

Birth date - 20.04.1993.

Municipality - Siguldas novads

Twitter - @mrdaarzs

Facebook - darznieks.arturs

Marital status - In relationship

Height - 188 cm

In luge sport since - 2005

First coach - Ingrīda Amantova

Motto - Darbs dara darītāju!

Hobbies - Rollerblading, slackline. Inlining (agressive rollerblading) used to be a big hobby of mine. I also enjoy just laying by TV.

Profession - Student

Olympic experience:

XXIII Winter Olympic Games PyeongChang, South Korea, 24th place in mens singles.


2018, 49th FIL European Championships 9th place in singles;

2017/2018 season World Cup Overall 22nd place in singles, Team Relay Overall 4th place;

2016/2017 season World Cup Overall 20th place in singles, Team Relay Overall 2nd place;

2017 - World Championships 20th place in singles;

2017 - European Championships 10th place in singles, Team Relay 3rd place;

2016 - World Championships DNF;

2016 - World Championships U-23 DNF;

2014/2015 season World Cup Overall 28th place in singles;

2015 - World Championships U-23 grupā 4th place in singles;

2015 - World Championships 15th place in singles;

2013/2014 season World Cup Overall 45th place in singles;

2014 - European Championships 21st place in singles;

2012/2013 season Junior World Cup Overall 14th place in singles;

2013 - Junior World Championships 15th place in singles;

2013 - Junior European Championships 8th place Team Relay, 10th place in singles;  

2011/2012 season Junior World Cup Overall 29th place in singles;

2012 - Junior World Championships 7th place Team Relay, 17th place in singles;

2012 - Junior European Championships 12th place in singles;

2011 - Junior World Championships 26th place in singles.


- How did you get involved in luge sport?

Several years ago two of my friends and I used to go to the Sigulda track and watch training. Coach Mārtiņš was assisting on the side of the track at that time. He had noticed us, that we stroll around the track and finally approached us to stop watching but try it ourselves. So we had seen so much of luge that the only question that followed was: "Where do we sign up?"

- Your coaches during your professional career: 

Ingrīda Amantova;

Kaspars Dumpis.

- Sled construction: do you build them yourself? Who taught you to build them?

In general, I build my own seld, but withouth the help of technician would be harder to do so. Year to year, shoulder to shoulder along with the coaches and teammates we build and develop our sled in the workshop together.

- Your favorite ice track?

Sigulda, Lake Placid and Koenigssee

- What inspires you?

Anything positive

- Your favorite place on Earth?

Between heaven and earth

- What is your motivation?

Fulfill my dreams and achieve my goals. Do everything to achieve it all.

- What do you wish to new luge athletes and youth in general?

Never give up!

Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
Artūrs Dārznieks
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