From Sochi reported Eliza Tīruma :)

We 're doing well. We have training ad we also have spare time here. All as needed. In terms of our everyday life, we all, Latvian team, live in one house on one floor. Our neighbors are the Austrians and Ukrainians. In this Village are living luge racers, skeleton, bobsleigh and alpine skiers. All are friendly, smiling and happy that we are here - in these large sports events.

Unfortunately, MacDonald lovers were not lucky this time. :)) ))) ))) However, we can enjoy all sorts of different cuisines. And it is also a kind of experience.

For competitive spirit speaking- slowly begins to emerge feeling that we are not for the World Cup here, but for the Winter Olympics. And the truth is for those athletes who have said - it is not easy be explain. This is a must try! And I think that in the future nothing will change. All athletes dream of Olympic Games and will be an Olympic Gold medalist .

The track is cool. Ice is fast and with a very high quality. It is a pleasure to slide here. Today, things will start for real. Six training runs and then… Go!!!

Good luck for us and be with us :)

From Sochi reported Eliza Tīruma :)
From Sochi reported Eliza Tīruma :)
From Sochi reported Eliza Tīruma :)
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