Luge sport

Below you can learn more about luge sport equipment!

Gloves/ Spikes

The effective length of the spikes of the gloves: maximum 5 mm, measured in the axis.
The fastening of individual spikes must guarantee that each spike must have an edge of at least 2 mm on three sides

Luge shoes

Every athlete participating in a FIL competition is required to wear the luge shoes approved by the FIL. These may not be modified.




Wearing a safety helmet is mandatory. Each athlete who takes part in a FIL competition
must wear the official FIL sanctioned helmet. The visor is a component of the FIL safety helmet.

Lead vest/ pants

Facial mask

Luge racing suit

It is mandatory to wear a race suit. For racing suits, only textile fabrics may be used, the exterior surface of which must not be plasticized or otherwise sealed.

Luge athlete with the whole equipment!

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