O.Gudramovičs / P.Kalniņš- 1st place in Nations Cup!

As the first on the start line went men . Latvia started the race with a full team - Martiņš Rubenis, Kristaps Mauriņš, Inārs Kivlenieks and Artūrs Dārznieks .

Between 35 man's, fastest Latvian were Inārs Kivlenieks who had the time 49,767 seconds , which have him a 6th place . Kristaps Mauriņš, who crossed the finish line after 50,202 seconds was the second best of our team - 20 th place . Mārtiņš Rubenis crossed the finish line after 50,227 seconds and ranked just below - 21st place . Artūrs Dārznieks, our newest team member , reached the finish line after 1 minute 00,580 seconds and this was 32th time in that day .

Tomorrow in 6th Viessmann World cup, to the start wil go onlyt two Latvian athletes - Inārs Kivlenieks and Kristaps Mauriņš. M.Rubenis and A.Dārznieks did not qualify for that.

After the start we called Mārtiņš Rubenis and asked about his performance today commented: “' after trainings I came to the conclusion that the new sled is not suitable for this track yesterday and had to change the pod from the new to the old. Today I made a mistake at the top of the track . And as could be seen , the results are very dense , so it also failed to qualify for the 6th World Cup. But the work is done . It was necessary to understand what to do. There is good food for thought and a point of reference when looking forward . ''

For the lady competition on the start line went only one Latvian athlete- Eliza Tiruma, because Ulla Zirne is now in Latvian to participate in the European Championship for juniors whith will take place in Sigulda from 10. to 11. January.

Eliza's run was 52,037 seconds fast, but unfortunately she did not qualify for World Cup because through technical inspection turned out that the front runners to loose . So, we will not have any athelete for the woman competition in this 6th Viessmann Worls Cup.

For the doubles competition to start went Oskars Gudramovičs / Pēteris Kalniņš.
Gudramovičs / Kalniņš run time was 50.785 seconds and between 16 double teams won 1st place in the competition, leaving behind the Russians and Italians.

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