The first part of the season was auspicious in every aspect

Some body is saying that - when it's hard in training, then easy in the battle, but another guided by the principle - to lose the battle ,but win the war.

Also Mārtiņš Rubenis has its own path by which he was going to reach the heights. Currently, there is halfway to attain the peaks of the season. Whatever it was, is and will be …

'' Despite the fact that early in the season it seemed that all is clear about the equipment, however, have to admit that I had to work very much. Almost every race were tested a different things and sleigh regulations. It gave in certain clarity and I know how to towards.

The physical training was in the high intensity - more thinking about February, rather than a particular period of time.

For Sochi I will be completely ready just the day I will have to go to the start line. I know my goals, but how to get there… every moment shows.

Talking about my personal performance in the first half of the season, the trend now turns out good. Just need to assembled together all the aspects that still needed to merge, then results will be better ..'' says Mārtiņš.

We just have to wish him good luck and success, because no path is wrong. We just have to learn to read the signs - read correctly.

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